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     At The Emerald Church, congregation and members are unified by the commonality of seeking spiritual growth, and the belief that the final authorities in religion are not found in a book, person or institution, but rather through personal experience, conscience and reason. We are an open faith ministry that views cannabis as a blessed sacrament that is a central part of daily spiritual rituals. At The Emerald Church we teach and encourage meditation techniques and other spiritual rituals with cannabis to help members unlock their minds to allow for periods of inner stillness and deep reflection within themselves. 

    The Emerald Church is a Spiritual Healing Center that utilizes an array of cannabis strains, concentrates and edibles as its holy sacrament to positively influence each member’s life and assist with spiritual practices to connect each member with their enlightened self. 

    All members have access to the sacrament during operating hours in exchange for a monetary donation or tithe.

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The Emerald Church of Open Faith

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