Meet our Spiritual Mentor & Reiki Master - Haydee


Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an alternative healing modality where practitioners use “palm-healing” techniques, mantras and blessings to clear stagnate or negative energy in the body, and increase the body's natural flow of life force energy. The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life force) and works within the body to stimulate any energy blocks. If someone has endured any degree of physical injury or emotional pain in their life, blockages in the natural flowing life force energy may occur. This stagnate energy can later result in physical, emotional and even spiritual issues. Reiki is a safe method of energy healing that can clear energy centers throughout the body by removing idle negative energy that’s weighing you down. Reiki can seriously improve or even cure a multitude of illnesses; has no side effects, and promotes a happy, positive mindset.


· * 10-15 minute sessions are available for members for free

· * For 1 hour - 90 minute private Reiki table sessions - Please email to make an appointment!

Oracle Card Readings

Angelic Oracle Cards connect us with heavenly energy, so it is often these readings help members attain peace of mind, inner clarity, emotional support and spiritual guidance. Haydee is able to use oracle cards to connect members with their guardian angels, the archeangels, spirit guides and even loved ones. Each reading is designed for the individual member and offers an invaluable insight into various key aspects of daily life, answering pressing life questions, cutting karmic ties, uncovering and confronting suppressed traumas, and so much more. 

Oracle Card Readings are FREE for members 

Spiritual Counseling

At the Emerald Church we believe that everyone is on their own journey to spiritual awakening. The journey can be a long one with many questions and tedious obstacles, so we hope to bring clarity to members investigating the deeper layers of the conscious mind. Cannabis - our central sacrament- allows members to release themselves from the stress and triggers of daily life, and ease them into moments of deep inner stillness and self discovery of one's higher self. Spiritual guidance is free to all members, drop-in and explore the sacred side of cannabis and incorporate the plant into their daily enlightenment rituals.