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Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

The mind often oscillates between the future and the past, causing both anticipation and worry. Throughout your day you may notice certain fears, desires, fixations and aversions start to grip the mind and prevent you from living your life. To clear the mind of these inner conflicts, it is essential to bring the mind to the present moment.

Through yoga, members are able to cleanse the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative impressions. Regular yoga practice brings clarity to the mind right away, body balance improves, and maintains inner & outer harmony of the self.


Meet your instructor - Kelly

 Kelly has been deeply involved in movement nearly her entire life. Within the physical work, Yoga acts as a vehicle to bring us to the present moment to gain mindfulness, awareness, and connection with the Universe. Kelly will guide you with an open heart through cannabis-assisted yoga to help you better connect with your mind, body, and spirit. This is an all-level Power Flow geared to heat your body, manage your mind, and invigorate your divine light. Bring your own mat, water to hydrate, wear comfortable clothing, and expect to sweat! 


Meet your Instructor - Shar

 Shar is an LA native with her 200 RYT in the South Bay. Yoga has been a huge part of her life especially the past few years after going through some health challenges. Shar found that using cannabis in her practice has helped in so many ways. She has noticed ganja yoga deepens the engagement with the poses, which in turn assists in becoming more aware of the present moment and the mind, body, soul connection. It also aids in  getting into a deeper state of meditation, which helps gain a greater understanding of the self while feeling amazing as the same time. The love of ganja yoga has inspired me to share this dynamic duo with others. The classes are slow and gentle and a time for you to take a journey inward.  All levels are welcome.  Namaste